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CEA Forges New Uniforms, Manifest World-Class Grade

新闻稿   •   2011年02月21日 14:48 CST

February 21, 2011 - Recently, China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited (CEA) launched an initiative to change uniforms of its first-line service personnel, replacing the existing ones with a history of nearly 10 years. What is more significant is the cooperation CEA joins hands with Hachette China—the parent company of ELLE magazine, relying on the latter’s grand influence in the fashion field to hunt world’s top designer in order to better display its core brand value of “world-class hospitality with eastern charm”.

CEA owns 370 odd airplanes of different kinds, mainly composed of wide and narrow-body carriers. With Shanghai as its core hub of the airline network covering over 170 cities throughout the world, it provides service to more than 70 million travelers each year with passenger capacity ranking World Top 10. Launching the transnational and crossover design program before its imminent entrance to SkyTeam Alliance, CEA has fully demonstrated its determination to create world-class grade and excellent service experience for global passengers. After the entrance to SkyTeam Alliance, its airline will reach six continents, covering over 900 navigation point cities, and it will notably become more and more integrated with the international society. Aided by Hachette China’s fashion impacts, this program will globally hunt a top designer, aiming to well demonstrate a unique international image of oriental glamour and delicate elegance. Which fashion designer will command this design, how CEA service team will be presented to the public in a completely new way, and etc.. All of these noticeable answers will probably be revealed in the near future.

To facilitate this initiative and to evoke more wisdom and inspiration, CEA has also invited global Chinese and fashion design fans to jointly participate in this Uniform Designing Competition. Participants could register at and submit their designs on line. At last, the first three winners will be selected to gain the fashion industry venture capital fund, amounting to over 10,000 RMB, and the champion will have a chance to visit designer studio. In addition, to appreciate the participation of voting netizens, each day CEA will provide one ticket to a famous city in China, all of the active participants’ casting votes will have an equal opportunity to get it. The network creative designs will only be available for the awarding.

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