Embrace the dream of a sustainable world through cycling

新闻稿   •   2015年08月11日 15:08 CST

CSC is driven by exploration, guided by history, enthused by community, charmed by the open road's freedom, and devoted to making the planet’s supreme bicycles. With CSC, the riders can overcome any trail, from docile to treacherous, on the planet's optimum off-road bikes. CSC is the global pioneer in mountain bike expertise. No shock that its mountain bikes have the most technically superior carbon fiber bike wheels on the market. Each platform has its rank, and each model is packed with details and features which will create any ride better, on any track. The determined guys of CSC embark on to create the top bicycles the earth has ever seen.

CSC's vision is grounded on unwavering principles: the merchandise would be of the peak quality, craftsmanship and it must carry the delight of cycling to a wider audience. Bikes make this world better. The more citizens who ride bikes, the finer our planet will be. As a prime carbon fiber wheels manufacturer, CSC takes the bicycle's world-changing prospects sincerely; so much that they've changed the products made and also its processes. In committing to sustainable initiatives, CSC has become the instance of how a life-size company can appraise and fine-tune processes and trade practices to be positive of their actions, and those of its employees, replicate the better-world objectives.

Much is expected from people when something is given. CSC is guided by this easy code from the foundation, and giving back is a huge part of what it's today. CSC is confident to sustain the organizations which work to formulate this world to a healthier place, for bikes and people alike. It honors the activity's pioneers by upholding its values. CSC believes that the bikes and the carbon fiber bicycle accessories is a trouble-free solution to the complex environment issues. The betterment of planet through cycling is its mission.