Excellent riding begins with a superb bike

新闻稿   •   2016年02月01日 19:26 CST

Carbon Speed Cycle (CSC) is a world-class supplier of innovative bikes and it endeavors to create a unique shopping experience for everyone, ranging from the casual and athletic bikers all across the world. CSC is a company that has a wide-reaching capability. CSC realizes the tasks by presenting the modest prices for the pieces that a rider needs to cultivate his riding customs, and candidly conveys the value benefits to the customers without any complication. A matchless online experience is a guarantee given by CSC. Having an across-the-board delivery service of carbon road wheelset, a strong support and wide-ranging policies for returns, this company is your neighborhood bike store.

CSC typically focuses on every aspect, from the facts to the information, in cooperation with looking for techniques to make things easy. Using a great knowledge of bike fitting and tailored carbon tubular wheels, CSC employs the responsiveness of the experts to put up the most admirable frame and components that looks magnificent and is idyllic for any terrain. The exactness of CSC in all its manufacture and deliveries has brought better results in control and strength. The frames, components along with accessories are particularly made, on a made to order basis or on the product geometry. Frames are supported by an inventive spoke-lacing prototype in the wheels. The frames enclose mounts for the mudguards in addition to holders, still maintaining a lively performance. The accessories do last for a broad range of time and handle all the abrasion. The rigidity of the merchandises ensures a rider's success.

The design and engineering behind a CSC bike is to render it perfect for any road conditions and environment. Ride testing of all the CSC bicycles is done by the expert riders who have enough experience to chase steel, carbon, and aluminium bicycles for a long time span and with a lifelong testing to authenticate effortlessness and presentation. Trying out a bicycle using Chinese carbon wheels on a far-reaching trip can confirm the ease of your ride. All the CSC customers settle on to say that power transfer is as brilliant as anticipated, helped by a deep rear support and chain-stay. No matter what kind of terrain you're riding on, CSC bikes smoothen out all the difficulties. To experience long bike rides without being worn out, send an email now at