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How to Optimize Ball Mill Lining Design

新闻稿   •   2012年07月10日 15:11 CST

Modifying the performance parameters for ball grinding mill operations normally calls for considerable investment. Buf many mines are now obliged to increase productivity without any drastic changes in plant. One way to achieve this goal is to install optimally designed mill linings. There is no short-cut to optimal lining design. Partly because no one has ever been able to describe the movement of the charge in mathematical terms. Partly because very few people know anything about the details of what happens inside a ball grinding mill. And partly because each mill is operated under conditions that are virtually unique.
A modular lining system based on a broad range of components, which enables mill operators to tailor linings for specific applications. Practical experience is the key to optimal design. Some liner designers have been delivering wear-rubber mill lining for more than 20 years. Get beneficiation,Mineral Processing,rotary kiln From

Direct Preferential Flotation
Definition of this method is: separate various helpful minerals in proper order. With its feature of high flexibility, it can adapt the change of ore grade, especially for sulphide ore of high grade. Xilin, Fankou, Lechang lead-zinc dressing plant of our country, and Laisvall lead-zinc dressing plant of Sweden all adopt this method.

Combined Flotation Flowsheet
Firstly, get mixed concentrate through the emersion of all useful minerals in ores; secondly, separate various helpful minerals in sequence from mixed concentrate. These two steps together are called part of amalgamate flotation Flowsheet. This process is suitable for treat raw ores of complex structure, fine embedded grains, and low content of sulfide mineral, which are in close symbiosis relationship. Because this process can simplify process, reduce ores’ over grinding, so as to benefit separation. Almarc Lead-zinc plant of former Soviet Union adopts preferential flotation this process. By using this process, we can get higher index than preferential flotation improve 10% of lead concentrate ore grade and 4.5% of zinc concentrate ore grade, raise the rate of multipurpose utilization from 75.4% to 83.7%, and double labor productivity. Qingchengzi zinc-lead ore dressing plant and Xiaotieshan copper ore dressing plant of our country adopt this process.

Part of Amalgamate Flotation Flowsheet
We can get mixed concentrate by the emersion of two useful minerals in ores together, then separate single concentrate from the mixed concentrate. The two stages together are called part of amalgamate flotation Flowsheet, which is the most widely used process in production. It is quite economical to adopt this process when raw ores contain low-grade nitrogen, copper-lead, copper-zinc, and lead-zinc.

Iso-flotability Flotation Process
According to minerals’ flotability in ores, mineral assemblages of good, medium and worse flotability are separated through flotation separation. Secondly, different helpful minerals are selected out from all mixed concentrates, which is called iso-flotability flotation process. For example, Huangshapinng lead-zinc ore dressing plant of our country, and Zheskaz of former Soviet Union both adopt this process. beneficiation,Mineral Processing,rotary kiln