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How to plait a cord bracelet

新闻稿   •   2012年07月03日 17:02 CST

Step 1 Cut 3 pieces of 30 cm wax cords and make a knot.
Step 2 Make simple plait and twist of the three strands cords.
Step 3 Make a group of plaits, as shown in the picture.
Step 4 Stretch the cords tight to make patterns as shown in picture. You can stop doing this when it becomes one third of the total bracelet.
Step 5 String one bead to one of the cord.
Step 6 Sting another 9 china beads to this cord and make a knot to better fix the beads.
Step 7 Do the same on the two other cords.
Step 8 Place one bead in when making plaits.
Step 9 Continue to do Step 8 and place the second bead when making plaits.
Step 10 Repeat Step 8 and Step 9 to add more beads.
Step 11 Continue to add beads when making plaits until it comes to your desired length and amount. Usually this part should take another one third length of the bracelet.
Step 12 Repeat Step 4 and make a finish end to leave a loop as shown in picture.
Step 13 Cut the knots at each end of the cord.
Step 14 String three beads in each cord.
Step 15 Put the beginning knot into the loop.
Step 16 Congratulation, you’ve successfully plait a cord bracelet.

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