Indulge in a Stress-Free Riding Experience

新闻稿   •   2016年02月29日 13:38 CST

CSC understands the experience of the exquisiteness of a trail or the liberty of the open road. For bikers, cycling offers a world of opportunities and possibilities at every possible nook. At CSC, the passion for cycling developed and took root and grew into a society of citizens dedicated to living life to the fullest. CSC is making a culture of citizens who value each other, lay down the speed, and lead the service. The company strives every day to better serve the customers through mountain bike wheels ebay, fellow employees, and biking community. Over time, CSC found that contented people are meticulous people, and the time spent on two wheels gives the maximum profit of all.

CSC approaches life with diverse stories and experiences that shaped individuals as riders. Deep down, it's a worship of adventure which brings CSC collectively, inspires the makers to push all limits, and rediscover the liberty found when pedaling. There's a time when bike-packers were exactly backpackers with bikes, heaving top-heavy, grueling loads on shoulders while riding on mountain bike wheels through the woods. Nowadays, mountain bikers have some options for towing camping gear, like traditional racks, panniers, trailers.

Nevertheless, panniers and racks are difficult to acclimatize to suspension structures on mountain bikes, and also augment the bike profile, which might make it increasingly complicated to contrive through taut single-track and greatly forested paths. Trailers are versatile, but add a layer of complexity and weight to nominal terrain. As with any motorized component, racks or trailers are presently another fad that can break or fail; a difficulty you desire to shun while traveling far from civilization.

CSC focuses on inducing and inspiring self-confidence through the ideal blend of firmness and flexibility. The linkage of a carbon wheel offers a conventional but vivacious feeling, like what you may get from a nicely-designed sole pivot design, with the benefits of KS Link virtual pivot system. This linkage offers optimized, brisk braking, a flexible leverage curve, augmented lateral rigidity better axle path and unswerving actuation. The consequence is a supple suspension at travel that ramps up to provide a bottomless feel at the end of travel, carrying speed, and lessening pedal reaction.