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Lampwork beads colors implies different meaning

新闻稿   •   2012年07月20日 13:34 CST

Lampwork beads have different colors, such as green, purple, clear, blue, amber and so on. Each color implies different meaning.
Green–it means peace, life and happiness. It is helpful for establishing good relations with others. It has powerful function of purification, and can remit the toothache and some other illnesses. It is suitable for people who likes to travel and needs to on business usually.
Purple–it helps to improve intelligence quotient and emotional intelligence. It is the symbol of dignity, elegance and progress. Purple colored glazed beads can help you improve your existing condition and develop self-confidence.
Clear–it implies pure, refreshing and spry. Clear colored glazed beads can help you keep pleasant mentality.
Blue–it means fresh, tranquil and comfortable, and can bring you good luck. The blue colored glazed beads can help you reduce stress and keep your emotions in balance. It is suitable for all the people who need good luck.
Amber–it is the emblem of power and wealth. You can feel the power of authority from these beads. The amber colored glazed beads means bright, gentle and creative, and are helpful for your career. It is the correct choice for the person who is working hard and hopes earnestly to succeed.
Lampwork beads also have many other colors for selecting. Why not make some amazing lampwork jewelry pieces for your lover and friends to show your care to them? Purchasing those beads from China will be a wise choice for she has a long history about producing colored glazed art works and excellent technology.

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