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New Templates of FotoJet Motivate More Creative Ideas on Collage Making

新闻稿   •   2015年08月27日 17:15 CST

FotoJet is a free online collage maker that makes it possible for users to create a collage, photo card, or poster in an instant. No registration or download is required as to start the design. It is updated with 130 newly designed templates, which is bound to deliver users more fun ways to finish a special photo design. FotoJet provides an entrance to making a fantastic collage easily. There are 460+ templates in total. It can arouse a lot of ideas for people to start their creation. 130 additional templates in this update make a great contribution to the variety of FotoJet. It increases a new template category Misc composed of Comic, Fun photo, and Magazine, from which users can design a mass of interesting pictures through adding their own photos to the template, such as making a personalized comic strips based on real living story or designing themselves to be a famous magazine cover star. Besides, under the Photo Card category, some templates about the popular holidays like Christmas and Easter are newly built to enable users to create a meaningful card in memorable days. Users are also capable to apply the photo and text editing function to the picture. 10+ Filters like Lomo, Brights and Vintage are available. The need that someone wants to further embellish the photo can be met as well. So people can freely rotate, flip, mirror the picture, and make adjustments on its Exposure, Saturation, Hue according to the personal requirement. What’s more, words producers intend to express are permissible to add and edit during making the collage. As the operational approach is straightforward, everyone is allowed to use FotoJet to convert their photos into a professional collage, photo card, or poster and share it with friends and family members.
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