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New welding machine from WSS allows three–in-one operation for increased onboard efficiency

新闻稿   •   2011年11月25日 15:22 CST

World-leading maritime services provider Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) has launched a new, innovative welding machine that allows operation of three separate welding processes within one unit.

The Unitor UWW-161 MP(Unitor Wire Welder- 161 Multi Process) allows users to carry out stick-electrode welding, wire welding (MIG/MAG) and TIG welding using a 230 volt single-phase 16 amp slow fuse. This represents a major step forward for welders in the constant drive to improve efficiency.

Weighing just 12 Kg, the machine is fully portable and has been manufactured in compliance with CE directives and standards of conformity, with a “touchable” Open Circuit Voltage of only 10 volts, making it extremely safe for shipboard use.

Marine Products Director Danny Ingemann said, “Many maintenance engineers onboard vessels are faced with a huge variety of different base materials and often repairs have to take place under challenging conditions. The UNITOR UWW-161 MP is light, easy to transport and operate, making it an obvious choice for use across all areas of the ship.”

Mr Ingemann joined WSS earlier this year as part of the company’s commitment to further develop its market-leading Unitor portfolio of maintenance & repair equipment and products in response to changing market trends and customer needs.

Mr Ingemann’s remit includes an extensive review of the current product portfolio and an in-depth product analysis in addition to a programme of new product development, in order to secure an extended marine products offering.

UWW-161 MP Product Specification:                             

  • Mutiprocess MIG-MAG-MMA (Stick)-TIG.
  • Fully portable, 12kg net weight. 1 phase 230V 16A for use anywhere onboard.
  • Safe in use. Voltage reduction function reduces touchable Open Circuit Voltage to10V.
  • Individual, step-less adjustment of both wire speed and welding voltage through whole
    adjustment range provide optimal settings for any wire.
  • Select between softer or crisper arc on the front panel to optimize wire welding arc.
  • 2-step or 4-step trigger function for wire welding operator comfort.
  • 2-step TIG-torch control with Lift-arc start and adjustable gas post-flow.
  • Polarity selection allows for wire welding with all wires including self-shielding
    wires without shielding gas, and even for TIG welding with + polarity.
  • Automatic hot start and arc force control provides easy start and a stable
    arc in MMA modus.
  • Protection against both overload and high input voltage, with indicator light
    on the front panel, prevent machine damage from wrong primary voltage and overheating.

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