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As we known, Hong Kong company easy to set up, but hard to open local bank account. Because of many policy variables and proactive measures, having a Hong Kong account can eventually provide a lot of convenience.

Advantages of HK Bank Account

l Without foreign exchange control, funds can be freely allocated;

l Facilitate the settlement of funds in international trade;

l Exemption of interest tax and higher real earnings of deposits;

l Various currencies can be converted freely.

l The daily operation of the account is simple, and the online bank can be opened for transactions.

l Facilitate trade financing to international banks;

Reasons for Refusal by Bank

l Increased demand for bank accounts

l Low bank profit

l The data are not ready

l The company name has sensitive vocabulary

l Shock the World Illegal Organizations

l The government's financial supervision is becoming stricter and stricter

l Shareholder directors come from sensitive countries

l At the time of face-to-face, the bank did not trust him

l Don’t meet with the bank requirements

Most Hong Kong companies will open an additional bank account as a backup to maintain the normal operation of the company.

Normal Documents required for Hong kong company account opening

1. Full sets of Hong Kong companies’ documents

2. Identity Card/Passport + Hong Kong and Macao Pass

3. Proof of LivingAddress

4. Business Proof

Time : About 1-2 months (different banks, different schedules)

So, which bank would you like to open ?

For more details, please feel free to get back to me.

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