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新闻稿   •   2019年07月09日 14:49 CST

ADVANTAGES OF RO(Representative Office)

The simplicity and short time required for establishing a RO is the main advantage for its popularity in the Chinese market. Unlike wholly foreign founded enterprises (WFFE), RO are not required to meet strict requirements for items such as registered capital. And the following management is also relative simple and money-saving.


Fill in the application form→sign the agreement→pay deposit→submit all the needed documents→name checking→apply for the industry &commercial license→go to the public security bureau to carve seal→apply for Organization Code License & card→apply for Registration license of State &Local Administration of Taxation →pay the residual balance.


To establish a RO is therefore largely a matter of complying with the prescribed application procedures. Once all the necessary documents for application are ready for submission, government approval can be had within 20-30 working days.

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