Skill Build Guide for 2moons Knights

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Skill Build Guide for 2moons Knights

  • Date:01-29-2010
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The azura knight is a melle class(2moons dil) they may not do the most dmg and they don't have any agro control skills but with the help of there skills and stats can smash some serious face and roll tank very fairly. There have four stats for knights. Str,Dex,Hth and Spr.

skill build
If you have noticed your skill bar only has like what i think 8 spots for your skills, and yet you have allot of skills. Well you should only use about 4-5 of them for atk skills, the rest should be healing or support.

this 4-5 atk skill build is what you will be spamming when you fight there isn't allot of skills in 2moons so you dont have much choice but you should have 1 power attack 1 aoe and 1-2 high dmg high mp cost skills.

if your farming i would not use any skills if i could but if you agro a mob of guys and wana take out this one guy before you have to run for your life you can spam out those high atk skills to kill him off fast and most aoe skills ill stun the targets so you have extra time to run or asses the mob and decide who to kill next. and your power attack is used as just a tool to help kill things doing very little extra dmg but costing(2moons gold) next to nothing.

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