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Skills to identify artificial crystals from natural ones

新闻稿   •   2012年07月03日 16:56 CST

Distinguish the inclusion
Generally speaking, the natural crystal is a naturally occurring by the earth, the crystal usually includes the inclusion, natural cracked ice, cloud and mist etc. And the artificial crystal is synthesized or formed by the factory or laboratory, therefore, the product of the crystal is almost perfect. So when selecting crystal, if you see the appearance as above stated, it's almost certain that is natural crystal.
The method of birefringence.
Crystal has the distinction of birefringence. Put a strand of hair or a straight line under the crystal, you will see two images. But now with the counterfeit technology improved, some of the artificial crystal can do this. So the feasibility of this method is not high.
Magnetic influences
Hold two natural crystal with the thumb, the forefinger and the middle finger of your hands, the distance between them is about a few centimeters, then pull away relatively slowly and close near each other, you can feel a magnetic force similar as magnets attract or repel. It can especially apparent to crystal ball and crystal columns. Non-natural crystal will not have this phenomenon, include synthetic crystals. However, this method is suitable for people who sensitive to the crystal magnetic field. But sometimes, this method will make people under the delusion and have misunderstood.
Expert appraisal
Of cause, the best and the surest way to identify is to invite an expert appraisal. This requires sending it to the specialized certification authority, and it costs a little money. But it would be safer to identify a valuable crystal.

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