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Top 10 Movies for Mommies to Watch on Mother's Day

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Movies for Mommies is a small theatre which is open to parents with babies at an otherwise dead afternoon time slot. All the movies run with reduced sound levels, soft enough to protect sensitive little ears but loud enough to hear. If your mom is a movie addict, such place cannot be better. But for some mommies who don't have enough time to go the Movies for Mommies but are bogged down with a heap of chores instead, a better way to amuse your mom is to snuggle up with mommy to watch an affectionate movie at home especially when it comes to the upcoming Mother's day. Here is a pickup of the best movies for mommies. Hope these films can bring laughter on your mom's face.

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Movies for Mommies No 1: Mother

Mother is a 1996 comedy-drama film starring Brooks and Debbie Reynolds. This mommy-themed movie depicts a story that a science fiction writer decides coming to terms with his mom will improve his chances for a successful relationship after two failed marriages, so he moves in with his mom.

Movies for Mommies No 2: You Can Count on Me

You Can Count on Me is a 2000 American drama film, which tells the story of Sammy, a single mother living in a small town, and her complicated relationships with family and friends.

Movies for Mommies No 3: The 40 Year Old Virgin

This film is about a 40 year old guy Andy who still hasn't had sex. He lets his secret slip at a poker game with his buds from work. After the revealing all his friends are on a mission to help get him laid. Along the way Andy meets a nice mom: Trish who fall head over heels for each other.

Movies for Mommies No 4: Peggy Sue Got Married

A 1986 American comedy-drama film telling a story that a 43-year-old mother and housewife who's facing divorce is thrust back in time when she attends her high-school reunion.

Movies for Mommies No 5: Dreamgirls

Director Bill Condon brings Tom Eyen's Tony award-winning Broadway musical to the big screen in a tale of dreams, stardom, and the high cost of success in the cutthroat recording industry.

Movies for Mommies No 6: Moonstruck

The romantic comedy film is about Loretta Castorini, a book keeper from Brooklyn, New York, finding herself in a difficult situation when she falls for the brother of the man she agreed to marry.

Movies for Mommies No 7: Finding Neverland

If you've ever watched this movie, I'm sure you will bond over this biopic of the Peter Pan author, from the film's honest depiction of a mother's struggle to raise her 4 boys while faced with her own mortality, in addition to her mother's sometimes interfering efforts to protect the family.

Movies for Mommies No 8: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

The mommy movie is centered on Fotoula "Toula" Portokalos, a middle class Greek American woman who falls in love with a non-Greek upper middle class "White Anglo-Saxon Protestant" Ian Miller.

Movies for Mommies No 9:The Queen

The Queen is a 2006 British drama film that depicts the aftermath of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, on 31 August 1997. The film stars Helen Mirren in the title role of Queen Elizabeth II.

Movies for Mommies No 10: The Family Stone

This surprisingly melancholy Christmas movie reinforces what we've so begrudgingly learned to accept: Mom knows best. The Stone family unites in common cause when their favorite son brings his uptight girlfriend home for the Christmas holiday, with plans of proposing. Overwhelmed by the hostile reception, she begs her sister to join her for emotional support, triggering further complications. Thanks mom!

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