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Top 5 Free Apps for iPhone 5 You Must Have to Color Your Life

新闻稿   •   2012年10月09日 16:12 CST

With increasing popularity of iPhone 5, the number of apps for iPhone 5, therefore, is increasing day by day. These apps for iPhone 5 truly add a significant benefit to your iphone 5 experience, from entertainment to travel, etc. But it can be a difficult task to sort through all of the available apps and find which ones can help, especially those that are free. The following list introduces top 5 free apps for iPhone 5, all of which have shown outstanding performance and are well received by a variety of technology users.


MacX DVD Ripper Free Edition-Most Reliable Free iPhone 5 App for DVD Ripping

If you are a movie fan, it’s silly not to have this free app for iPhone 5. As a matter of fact, MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition fully deserves the best free app for iPhone 5 in terms of DVD ripping. This free Mac DVD Ripper integrates both DVD ripper and backup software, which is designed with a handy of options for you to rip DVD free to iPhone 5 friendly format, to rip both homemade and protected DVDs by removing the DVD copy protections, such as CSS encryption, RCE region protections, ARccOS copy protection, even rip Disney encrypted DVDs for you to backup your legally-purchased DVDs on Mac computer with ease. So it is very convenient to watch movies on your iPhone 5 anytime anywhere without taking DVDs. Without any doubt, its DVD ripping feature, decryption ability and unique backup function make this free Mac DVD ripper stand out from other similar products, not to mention its straightforward interface, fast speeding speed and superb video quality, all proving itself to be the best free app for iPhone 5 for those who love DVD movies.


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Amazon –Most-Trusted Free iPhone 5 App for Online Shopping

To be frank, Amazon app’s great achievement may totally attribute to her years of effort. It is worthy of the title to be one of the best free apps for iPhone 5 that helps users to search, shop, read reviews, purchase stuff on Amazon site. What’s more, the price comparison feature is one of the best thing that enables you to compare with many other online stores. In addition, Amazon also allows users to scan the barcodes, take the pictures, and find out the availability, all making it one of the top free iPhone 5 apps for both mobile and online shoppers.



MacX Video Converter Free Edition-Best Free iPhone 5 App for Video Conversion


MacX Video Converter Free Edition is one of the most-trusted free apps for iPhone 5 that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it and then help you convert awesome videos to your sweet iPhone 5 compatible format to enjoy on the move. Another beauty of this Mac free video converter is that it works as a video downloader, enabling you to download any videos from YouTube to your iPhone 5. Therefore, you can simply share and tell your family and friends about all your favorite moments, whenever and wherever or view them on iPhone 5 to kill the boring time in case you are on a long flight or travelling in a scenic spot without internet.


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TripAdvisor – Must-Have Free iPhone 5 App for Travelling

TripAdvisor is one of the best free iPhone 5 app for travelling that helps travel enthusiasts plan a perfect trip, offering you more than 50 million reviews of real travelers, maps, photos, forums, etc. This reliable iPhone 5 app for travelers is rated as one of the top five free iPhone 5 apps for arranging your travel. It even enables you to book tickets and helps you find out the cheapest flights as well. Besides offering you the cheapest flights, this free app for iPhone 5 also provides you the valuable information about the cheapest restaurants and even the most attractive spots that you must visit on your vacation.



Air Playit - Best Free iPhone 5 App for Streaming Video to iPhone 5

When it comes to play video files on your iPhone 5 you are left with two options. Firstly, convert the videos or music you would like to access into a format that can be played natively within iPhone 5. But in case you have no time to do so before you leave home or when there is no enough storage space to save the videos, how could you watch them on your iPhone 5? Alternatively, it is wise to stream media via Air Playit, one of the most reliable free apps for iPhone 5 to stream any video or audio to your mobile without doing any tedious and lengthy converting of these files beforehand. This video streaming app, which ranks top five free best apps for iPhone 5, enables you to stream almost any video or audio formats to your iPhone 5.


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