Utilize the supremacy of pace and technology

新闻稿   •   2015年08月12日 13:44 CST

A master of innovation like CSC considers that the track circuits are taxing for the riders. It doesn’t present any relief to any biker. It's a setup that poses a harsh examination of a wheel’s worth and renders its faults so ruthlessly. CSC is the top carbon fiber wheels manufacturer that lets a rider regain his/her strength. They assemble spoke design and weight distribution in a way that guarantees premium cornering precision. CSC speed machines are the ideal wheels for racing on the clock when one wants to achieve greatest aerodynamics and speed expending the least amount of energy.

The prime cores of the CSC merchandises are high-quality carbon and refined resin system, to balance pace with firmness and authority with lightness. CSC efforts to create a first-rate carbon road rim perfect for racing/training. The broad disc brake rims are super-light, stiff and sleek. The 26mm track width significantly reduces universal aerodynamic heave by matching a tire width to lessen turbulence. It also diminishes tire warp, resulting in lower rolling resistance, better maneuverability and higher riding quality. The 41mm exploits the smooth advantages of wider rim form, with the revenue of better handling, mainly in crosswinds.

Fixed gear wheels or track cycling wheels are optimized for outdoor racing. Unlike the road wheels, the gears for carbon fiber wheelset projected for track cycling is screwed directly to the hub. When rear wheel revolves, pedals rotate in the equal direction that authorizes a cyclist to stop riding with no use of brakes, by resisting crank's revolution, and doing reverse riding. Going for the 100 mm front/120 mm rear disc version or a spoke version (130 mm), riders find a wheel that's hard-hitting and flexible for ultra-precise handling. The race circuit may drive the limits, yet CSC performance limits are simply the best.