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Joakim Nydemark has a master's degree in electrical engineering from Lund Institute of Technology in Sweden and 15 years of international software business experience. A combination of a good sense of how to make business and leadership skills are the fundamentals of what he has achieved in his career. With a good understanding of different markets, customer segments and technologies, Joakim has worked with sales, sales channels, business development and building organizations in order to create business growth. Joakim has among others built up a software application company from start to 250 people and established local offices in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. His expertise is creating business in mobile telecom including both handset manufacturers and operators, but also automotive and consumer electronics are familiar areas of business.
Since the fall of 2012 he is the CEO of the fantastic company Crunchfish with focus on building an international business and market presence. Before joining Crunchfish he has served as CEO at Obigo AB and held different executive sales&marketing roles at e.g. Teleca AB, TAT AB and Anoto group.