Virtual Reality Menu Design - Part 2

Blog post   •   Dec 11, 2015 14:31 CET

Welcome back to the second part of this blog post about VR menu design. In the first part we talked about general directions for designing VR menus (skeumorphic, 2D mapped on geometry and 3D interfaces). This time we’ll leave the more theoretical grounds and look at some of the menu designs that are currently out there. I extracted some basic designs and made up some ingenious names for them. We’ll go through them one by one. For each one, I’ll show an example app using this design, talk about the strengths and weaknesses and will reason a bit about what could have been the rational behind using this design for that particular purpose. The idea isn’t to give an in depth review of the designs of a few apps but rather to build a nice little toolbox of design patterns and to see when which one could come in handy.

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