What is the meaning of "and co."?

Blog-Eintrag   •   Jul 17, 2019 11:26 CEST

You can take as example the company name: Miller and co.

The company consists not only of Mr. Miller, but it is an association.

The co. means the group of people associated with that person.

See as addition also the answer of Dana H.Shulz about legal aspects at this question:

What is the meaning behind “& Company” in some company names (ex. NY&Co.). Can I name my company Amjad&Company?

If a company is called e.g. Nottingham Co., it could register a domain name The domain name is mirroring 1:1 the company name.

Also Miller and co. could get a domain name or, but in this case, the domain name is not so elegant as at the example of

Hans-Peter Oswald