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Natalia Goncharova exhibition


Lübeck’s St. Anne’s Art Gallery St. Annen-Straße 15 Lübeck
Natalia Goncharova (1881-1962) is one of the most dazzling figures of the Russian avant-garde. She influenced the likes of Kasimir Malewich and Vladimir Tatlin with her works, and her pictures fetch high prices at auctions today: In 2008 her painting "Picking Apples" sold at Christie's Modern and Impressionist sale in London for 4.9 million pounds, or 10 million €. Goncharova's solo exhibitions were avant-garde milestones and always triggered public uproars and divided opinion in the press. In 1910 she achieved instant fame with her first solo show in Moscow, when some of the nude life studies she displayed on this occasion were confiscated and she was tried for pornography in a Moscow civil court. Natalia Goncharova succeeded in breaking with Western tradition and developing a uniquely Russian style. She developed her artistic identity in the art worlds of Moscow and Paris. Born in the rural province of Tula, she studied at the academy in the Russian capital and participated in radical avant-garde exhibitions. Owing to the October Revolution, she was unable to return to Moscow and chose Paris as her place of exile. From February 7th to May 30th 2010 a retrospective dedicated solely to her and reflecting her artistic oeuvre will be presented in Lübeck’s St. Anne’s Art Gallery in cooperation with the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.