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Hamilton expands its product portfolio and market reach in the Robotics division

Press Release   •   Dec 12, 2013 10:23 CET

Hamilton, Germany, (December 12, 2013) – Hamilton expands its product portfolio and market reach in the Robotics division with the new Hamilton VANTAGE/INSTINCT V liquid handling system

Hamilton is proud to present their latest development in laboratory automation: the Hamilton VANTAGE/INSTINCT V system.

To celebrate this very special occasion, 50 opinion leaders and interested scientist participated and had a personal ‘look and feel’ of the future in laboratory automation. The launch event took place at the well-known world heritage “Zeche Zollverein” in Essen (DE) and was highly appreciated by the participants. After the presentation, Hamilton captured a few customer statements regarding the new platform and the event:

There is all in it we ever had on our wish list in the past.”

A very impressive and also natural evolution of our current instruments. With the VANTAGE Hamilton raises itself again above its competition.”

It seems that VANTAGE really covers all automation demands in a perfect combination. The software offers an incredible simplicity for our complex application demands, that`s exactly what we need.”

The Software is really catchy and definitely the next generation!”

“When investing in a VANTAGE system, we can be sure to safely invest into the future!”

“Awesome event for an awesome new product.”

With the VANTAGE, Hamilton fulfills all demands for resource and space optimization and seamless third party device integration. The NanoPulse technology allows a wide pipetting range from sub-microliters up to 1 milliliter on the same pipetting channel, while Entry/Exit modules store labware and consumables for extended walk away time.

INSTINCT V defines new standards. The completely new developed INSTINCT V Software offers multiple user interfaces, from the intuitive Assay Editor (that allows programming in ‘lab personnel’s language’) up to the XSL editor, supporting the full flexibility for assay customization. Dynamic scheduling allows not only to process assays of multiple users in parallel, but also calculates labware, liquid and consumable needs upfront. The detailed full 3D Assay Simulation reduces the set up time at the instrument, while the CARE feature automatically avoids contamination.

For further information on VANTAGE, please visit our VANTAGE homepage:

Or directly get in contact with your Hamilton Robotics sales representative:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland: +49 89 552 64 90

About Hamilton Robotics

Hamilton Robotics designs and manufactures fully automated robotic systems for samples preparation and storage. The products range from unique, custom laboratory automation solutions (turnkey solutions) on standard applications validated through partnership programs with renowned biotechnology companies as well as OEM solutions to the top ten diagnostic companies. Hamilton Storage Technologies designs and manufactures cold storage systems for biobanking and other applications.

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