Flexstreet.com is Sourcing resource for BOPP BOPET Film and Flexible Converting Industry

News   •   Dez 03, 2015 10:32 CET

Flexstreet.com ( headquartered in India)  is an upcoming website for the benefit of the users and industry associated with BOPET, BOPP Film and Flexible Converting Industry.

It will encompass all the sourcing aspects of the industry from Industry Jobs , Raw Material, Spares and Equipments etc. It also provides Raw Material Strategy Consulting services to its clients across the globe.

Its aim is to be the First Choice of reference for the Flexible converting and Plastic Film Community.

This will be used by the industrial community globally. Initially it will target the community in India/Asia and then move to Europe.

According to Flexstreet company Executives "Flexible Packaging industry is showing very robust growth. in India the growth rate is more than 10% per annum". With income levels rising and a rising middle class population, consumption levels are bound to increase in the country.

Flexstreet.com estimates that the growth momentum of this industry will be maintained in the years to come and also sees innovation happening in the Flexible Packaging Industry especially Food industry, where flexible materials are introducing a wide range of new design concepts to reduce waste (both in terms of conservation and cost), attract consumer attention and maintain the freshness of the products inside.

Majority of the food is today sold in Unpacked form . This will slowly be replaced by Flexible Packaging in the Stores.

India is today the home for Innovation in Flexible Packaging from small Pouches, foils, films to big packets.

Flexible Packaging touches all aspects of our daily life now from Food,Pharma to Clothing and Cosmetics.

India is slowly positioning itself towards advanced Packaging technology in this field. Flexible Packaging reduces the carbon footprint by reducing the space used in transportation.

The main innovation areas of Flexible Packaging will be to safeguard product quality, enhance visibility, improve environment sustainability, increase shelf life, weight reduction, customer convenience etc.