News   •   Nov 08, 2016 11:07 CET

• Docufy integration:Topic Pilot integration allows editors to create and modify augmented reality scenes directly in the editing system

• Dynamic Data Integration: Visualize live sensor information from data sources (including diagnostic data such as battery voltage, speed or error codes) directly onto the product or component in real-time with augmented reality

• Virtual Reality Mode: Use existing 3D data to switch between AR and VR modes without any additional setup

• Microsoft Hololens: Customized Hololens operating concept available for REFLEKT ONE applications

Technology company RE'FLEKT, with headquarters in Munich and Los Angeles, is launching an update for its Augmented Reality platform REFLEKT ONE. Version 2.0 provides a direct connection to the Docufy Topic Pilot editorial system and integrates live sensor and diagnostic data visualizations. REFLEKT ONE allows companies to create their own augmented reality scenes without any programming knowledge and now available in version 2.0 as an IOT Ready solution.

Sensor and diagnostic data with augmented reality in real-time

REFLEKT ONE offers direct access to individual sensor data as well as linked diagnostic evaluations. All live data is activated directly within the platform by selecting the desired format and choosing where this data should be positioned on a real object. The graphic visualizations are then displayed in real-time directly onto the object in the correct position and to scale. A core advantage is the user’s ability to automatically choose between augmented and virtual reality views of the 3D visuals without the need for any additional data.

Docufy Topic Pilot and REFLEKT ONE: Production ready Augmented Reality

Create Augmented Reality straight out of the editorial system: the close partnership with Docufy, the leading provider of documentation systems, enables the integration of REFLEKT ONE. Companies already working with Docufy systems or are in the process of opting for a new system benefit from faster and more cost-effective Augmented Reality integration.

Microsoft Hololens: REFLEKT ONE Applications for Mixed Reality

With the Microsoft Hololens, RE'FLEKT has expanded its already large application area. REFLEKT ONE is available for use on smartphones, tablets and data glasses. With the user-oriented operating concept, mixed reality applications can be used on the Microsoft Hololens.

"We enable companies to create their own augmented reality applications and adapt them at any time. Expensive AR programming is now a thing of the past. With REFLEKT ONE we have found a way to integrate into existing IT systems and link directly to the connected data - making it affordable to display live data in real-time on vehicles or machines" says Wolfgang Stelzle, CEO & Founder of RE'FLEKT.




REFLEKT ONE is the most powerful software platform for industrial solutions with Augmented Reality. Create AR applications without any programming knowledge for Android, iOS und Windows for use on smartphones, tablets and smart glasses. REFLEKT ONE enables industry clients to re-use existing content such as CAD data, video, audio and animations for a variety of scenarios including training, maintenance and repairs.