Envotherm A/S

Envotherm wins $ 2.7 million in Danish business innovation funding.

Pressemitteilung   •   Sep 23, 2010 15:46 CEST


Business innovation fund, Denmark supports 14 companies with approximately 70 million DKK to help new green technologies and solutions enter the market faster. The Fund has had massive interest from industry.

The major challenges the world is facing regarding climate and environment, is a springboard for employment creation and export of Danish companies developing new green solutions to a growing global market.14 of these companies will now have support, so their products can be ready for the world market. Projects range from fuel solutions and energy-reducing ventilation systems to purifying water and environmentally friendly food packaging.


Carsten Bjerg, CEO of Grundfos says:

There is enormous potential to be the first to reach out in the world market with the right technologies and solutions. Danish companies are often at the forefront when it comes to developing new green technology, but we must also have it tested and made market ready. This is where Business innovation Fund now comes in with a helping hand.

Business innovation fund supports business opportunities for green growth and welfare as well as new business opportunities in hard-hit areas. Until 2012, the fund shall distribute 760 million DKK for projects that generate growth, employment and exports.


Great interest in applying for funding:

After only 6 months Business innovation fund has already received over 200 applications to the fund's five priorities for a total of nearly 1.3 billion DKK.


Carsten Bjerg also says:

Business innovation fund experienced great interest because we are the only one’s who can go in and support the market maturation process, which often causes business problems.

In a situation with many worthy candidates, we must always keep in mind the need to create jobs, growth and exports. Therefore, we carefully select the projects that have the greatest potential in the market.

Renewal Fund closed on 23 August its third round of applications and received 111 applications for welfare issues and green business areas. These files are processed until mid-November.

Of the 14 funded projects 11 receive direct financial support for market maturation and Business innovation fund provides product warranty for the last three projects.


The 14 selected projects are:


  • Waste water purification by evaporation. Envotherm A / S (about 14.9 million DKK)
  • Water Treatment Concepts and facilities for the treatment of oil contaminated water. Semco Maritime (about 4.5 million DKK)
  • Electric turbo-compressor provides the fuel with air and eventually contributes to an integrated air compression solution to future fuel cell cars. Rotrex A / S (about 2.9 million DKK)
  • BacTerminator - disinfection of industrial process water using electrolysis. Adept Water Technologies (approximately 7 million DKK)
  • Energy Efficient management and regulation of air for ventilation. Lean Wait Aps (about 2.4 million DKK)
  • Reduce Arsenic in drinking water. Micro Drop Aqua Aps (around 3.6 million DKK)
  • Technical solutions for optimizing cleaning processes in food industry. DTV Machinery (about 3.2 million DKK)
  • Movable, scalable water purification based on ultra-filtration membranes. Grundfos BioBooster A / S (around 1.6 million DKK)
  • Testing the third generation fuel cell forklifts and hydrogen refueling equipment. H2 Logic A / S (about 3.8 million DKK)
  • New shrimp pellet technology with reduced environmental load and CO2. KM Fish Machinery A / S (about 3.5 million DKK)
  • Engine technology transformation of biomass for CO2-neutral electricity, heat and cold. Stirling Denmark Aps (about 8.8 million DKK)
  • CO2 neutral solar powered ventilation solution with heat recovery. Cube Management (approx. 3 million DKK)
  • Photovoltaic module having the option of direct delivery of alternating current. SunSil A / S (about 5.8 million DKK)
  • Environment friendly and cost effective packaging for the food industry. WecaPack A / S (about 4.7 million DKK)

Envotherm is a leading Danish supplier of energy efficient water cleaning equipment.