Increasing Yields: Ceresana publishes up-to-date Market Study regarding the global Fertilizer Market

Pressemitteilung   •   Jul 01, 2013 09:22 CEST

For the first time worldwide, this study analyzes developments on the global market for fertilizers split by various types of fertilizers and different application areas.

Driving Factors and Obstacles on the Market for Fertilizers

An increase of population comes at the expanse of an advancing sealing of agricultural soils. Desertification additionally diminishes arable acreage available. At the same time, prosperity and the consumption of meat rises in emerging countries in particular, causing demand for vegetable produce to increase. This problem can only be solved by increasing the amount of fertilizers applied. However, an excess utilization poses the threat of diminishing yields due to over-fertilization in the near future. In some regions, over-fertilization already is causing problems.

Decelerated Growth in China

Largest sales market for fertilizers is China that single-handedly consumed about a third of total global consumption in 2011. However, China will develop at less dynamic rates in the future than it did in the past. This country is facing major challenges in protecting nature and environment and, subsequently, ensuring continued productivity. "We forecast slightly accelerated growth rates for the second largest market, namely India, which is mainly due to the high increase of population at average rates of 1.3% per year", explains Oliver Kutsch, CEO of Ceresana.

Rising Demand for Bioenergy

Until 2019, demand for fertilizers in the segment sugar crops is likely to increase at the highest rates. As Brazil processes sugar cane into both edible sugar as well as biofuel, market researchers expect consumption in this application area to increase by an annual 3.7%. Asia-Pacific is also likely to increase output of sugar. The production of palm oil will gain importance in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Influence of Regulations and Protection of the Environment

In the European Union and North America, countries are obliged to generate part of their energy consumption from renewable sources such as corn and rapeseed in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainability concerns are important in Europe in particular and have corresponding effects on production and utilization of fertilizers.

The study in brief:

Chapter 1 provides a presentation and analysis of the market for fertilizers, including forecasts up to 2019: revenues development as well as production and consumption volumes are analyzed for each individual region.

Chapter 2 examines the 29 largest countries of the fertilizer market in more detail. Data on demand, revenues, production, import, and export is provided. Demand is analyzed split by the application areas Wheat, Corn, Other Cereals, Oil Seeds, Fruit & Vegetables, Sugar Crops, and Other Crops.

In chapter 3, crops that utilize fertilizers are analyzed. Data on demand development are analyzed split by Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa.

Chapter 4 examines the consumption of individual types of fertilizers. Special attention is given to nitrogen, phosphate, and potash fertilizers in regard to market volumes in the seven world regions as well as individual application areas.

Chapter 5 provides profiles of the largest manufacturers of fertilizers, clearly arranged according to contact details, turnover, profit, product range, production sites including current and future capacities as well as profile summary. Extensive profiles of 165 producers are given, including Agrium, Belaruskali, CF Industries, EuroChem, Israel Chemicals, Mosaic, OCP Group, Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Pupuk Indonesia, SINOPEC, Uralkali, Vale, und Yara.


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