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Leading Corporate Service Provider Offers Businesses a chance to make it big in Luxembourg

Pressemitteilung   •   Jun 24, 2013 14:06 CEST provides private corporations business permits for setting up shop in Luxembourg
Startups need to conform to the legal trading issues of the countries that they plan on expanding to before initiating operations. For example certain liberal professions or commercial businesses that want to either start or open new headquarters in the city of Luxembourg are required to have a business permit from the Luxembourg Ministry of Small and Medium Sized Businesses. offers entrepreneurs and established organizations a chance to test market waters in Luxembourg by resolving company incorporation issues on their behalf. Its status as one of the founding members of the European Union also make Luxembourg a viable prospect as a city that has one of the lowest inflation rates in the world.
One of the services on offer includes helping Limited Liability or Joint Stock companies qualify as trading companies in the city when it comes to company registration. Luxembourg SA or SARL that qualify as Trading Companies can access double tax entreaties with as much as 40 countries.

Entrepreneurial companies need to overcome a number of legal and bureaucratic hurdles in order to incorporate and register new firms in Luxembourg. According to a spokesperson from Company Registrations Worldwide, “Luxembourg is ideally located near Belgium, France and Germany which makes it a stable high income economy and therefore a promising location for enterprises in other countries. This also makes the city a virtual magnet for foreign investments, a fact that most of our clients know all too well.”

The spokesperson also adds that such locations require international businesses to go through a lot of red tape before they can complete their company registration. Luxembourg companies that have been successfully registered encounter no legal resistance once they begin trade.
About Company Registrations Worldwide offers professional services in all aspects of company incorporation in Luxembourg as well as a host of different countries or economies. It is a part of the CBF group which was formed in 1997. The company’s aim is to make it simple and efficient for private or commercial businesses to begin trading legally by resolving dealing with the related legalities on behalf of their clients.

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