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Revolution in reverse image research

Pressemitteilung   •   Feb 14, 2017 13:55 CET

Our enhanced Reverse Image Search (eRIS) software solution locates in the internet duplicates and also changed images deviating from the original image by symmetry operations (rotations, reflections), affine compressions, colour changes and also dilations.

Our software product consists of an investigation module and a research module, which are both based on a fast algorithm for image characterization. The algorithm is based on structural signatures that are to be understood as a kind of fingerprint of the image content. Formally, the underlying algorithm consists of different signature configurations allowing a very good differentiation of different images. Even through image compression, affine image deformation, uniform changes, rotations and reflections the signatures remain unchanged.

However, due to a recalculation of the colour values of each pixel, by scaling and saturation effects or by complex changes in the colour structure the signature can be weakly distorted. Therefore, the original image and the modified/changed image will be considered to be identical if their signatures are adjacent.

The software product can be applied to...

... enhance the reverse image search

... assist in finding the violation of image rights

... verify images in false reports (fake news) on social media

The software product offers the following USPs:

… increased quality and efficiency compared with methods of market leaders

… high speed due to an efficiently storing of image signatures in databases

… recognizes images despite changes

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