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What a Showcase - redesigns the presentation of pr agencies

Pressemitteilung   •   Nov 26, 2010 19:47 CET

Showcase your Public Relation Firm right below the about the company that you are submiiting for.

International Free PR Gateway - We Wire Words. has launched its redesigned free directories for an optimized presentation of their free press release distribution clients.

What's new in the public relation firms directory?

In addition to the logo and name of your PR firm the "Short About" that you entered into the agencies directory submission form will be shown.
Furthermore your global location and your defined keywords which describe your public relation, marketing and e-marketing services are displayed to give interessted future clients a brief overview of your public releation agency.

All of these information are searchable, so if some one is looking for a New York based, e-marketing specialized PR Agency to do some press release writing, submission and distributing... He or she will find you.

By the way - A click on your Agency's Name or Logo (Upload is still free.) will lead to your company's details and will showcase any press releases you released, submitted and distributed so far at

What else?

Did you recognized the "Show Agency" Option which you can choose to promote your public relation agency while it's named as the serving agency of the referring press release? Yes? That's great because has redesigned this option. Starting from now a brief discription of your agency and your agency's logo will be shown direct below the company details of your client.

"That's promoting PR Firms. " cheers Heidi Mueller, e-marketing specialist.

What is about the directory and boilerplate of the press releasing companies?

Well... All companies that have choosen as the best free press release distribution service for their business news and e-marketing campaign will be presented in the same way as described in the description of the pr agencies directory above. is the brandnew free press release submission and distribution service. It should be your first choice to promote your press launch, products and services with our free webmarketing tool to reach press and journal via's international pr gateway.

The Deutsche Internetz Gesellschaft (DIG) is an online publishing company based in Lübeck, Germany.

The first service of (DIG) is called a free online press release submisson and free press release distribution service or simply put, a free pr 2.0 portal and international pr gateway where - and that's really remarkable - nearly every feature is offered for free.

The free press release submission and distribution service that is provided by - We Wire Words.
is likely the best free press release site to reach press and journal - start and promote your press launch with our free and international pr gateway.

Another project which is managed by interns and used as an test area is a blog for free, playable onlinegames.

And for sure there is more to come.

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