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DEFLAMO: Major Investment in Test Equipment Speeds Up Development Cycle and Creates Unique Position

Press Release   •   May 12, 2014 12:40 GMT

DEFLAMO, a company developing and manufacturing eco-friendly flame retardant products under the brand name Apyrum, has decided to make a strategic investment in the company’s laboratory equipment. The investment consists of the purchase of a cone calorimeter for studying small samples of material in order to determine their flammability and a laboratory two roll mill used for producing plastic film. The mill makes it possible for DEFLAMO to produce different batches of plastic material for in-house testing.

The cone calorimeter enables DEFLAMO to carry out standardized fire testing according to the international standard ISO 5660, whereby a sample of material is exposed to heat, after which information is gathered regarding time to ignition, heat release rate, gas composition and other critical parameters that are vital to the development of flame retardant products.

The new laboratory two roll mill will allow DEFLAMO to produce different types of plastic film for testing with Apyrum flame retardants. This means that DEFLAMO can speed up application development considerably, both for it's own research as well as for customer projects.

DEFLAMO is now one of few flame retardant companies, perhaps the only one in Europe, that has amassed this type of testing capacity. The new equipment, together with existing laboratory testing equipment, means that DEFLAMO now holds a unique market position and is well equipped for the rapid development of applications for fire retardation.

Time is Money

To be competitive on the flame retardant market, it is not enough to have an eco-friendly product with equivalent or better performance and total cost than other commonly used harmful alternatives. It also requires having capacity to be able to quickly develop materials for use in production.

"The new equipment, together with close cooperation with customers, will make the optimization of Apyrum-based applications easier, faster, and more exact. This will ensure that the customer obtains the right performance at the right price. By investing in the cone calorimeter and the two roll mill, DEFLAMO will be able to reduce the development time of new projects as well as the lead time for deliveries," says Magnus Jörsmo, CEO of DEFLAMO AB. 

DEFLAMO is a specialty chemical company that develops, produces, and markets the environmentally-friendly flame retardant Apyrum for the manufacturing industry and service companies in Europe.

Apyrum is a patented, environmentally-friendly, and biologically degradable flame retardant that is competitive in industrial use. Today DEFLAMO cooperates with industrial companies that manufacture products made from plastic, paper, wood, and other materials used in construction, vehicles, electronics, etc. where high demands are made on fire protection, the environment, safety, and health. Apyrum replaces hazardous flame retardants that contain, for example, bromide, chlorine, antimony, boron, and phosphate esters with substances that are not harmful to health and the environment.

DEFLAMO is a Swedish corporation listed on the equities market Aktietorget. It owns the patent for Apyrum's environmentally-friendly flame retardant technology for Europe and part of Asia, an area that contains a third of the world market for flame retardants. DEFLAMO's operations include development, production, marketing, and sales. A central part of the sales process is technical project management, and together with the customer, DEFLAMO helps to develop, evaluate, and optimize their manufacturing processes related to flame retardation technology.

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