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Welcome to DENTSPLY Implants

Welcome to DENTSPLY Implants

Documents   •   Jun 03, 2015 08:00 GMT

Delivering the best results to implant patients requires products and treatment concepts that offer the freedom to create long-lasting, individualized solutions. At DENTSPLY Implants, we are dedicated to providing clinically proven solutions of the highest quality and backed by extensive documentation because we believe this is the level of commitment needed to deliver optimized care.

Sustainability and reliability: continuing to challenge with sound science

Achieving beautiful, natural-looking esthetics for implant patients requires biological sustainability—the harmony of marginal bone and surrounding soft tissue over time. By searching further and continuing to challenge with sound science, we can provide evidence demonstrating biological sustainability, leading to optimal dental implant treatment outcomes.

Unlocking digital potential - SIMPLANT with ASTRA TECH Implant System EV

SIMPLANT is a comprehensive system based on 3D imaging, allowing for precise implant planning and predictable restorative results. The unique combination with the ASTRA TECH Implant System EV unlocks the potential of computer guided implant treatment. It provides the benefits of working with a complete digital workflow for even greater simplicity and efficiency in the treatment process.

System brochure ASTRA TECH Implant System EV

DENTSPLY Implants introduces the next step in the continuous EVolution of the ASTRA TECH Implant System. The ASTRA TECH Implant System EV is designed with a site-specific, crown-down approach based on the natural dentition for increased surgical simplicity and flexibility and restorative ease—without compromising the unique ASTRA TECH Implant System BioManagement Complex.

Professor Tord Berglundh is the winner of the Astra Tech Scientific Award 2012

Mölndal, Sweden, May 16, 2012–The prestigious Astra Tech Scientific Award 2012 was awarded to Professor Tord Berglundh, Sweden, for his significant contribution to research related to oral implants. Being the third winner of the Astra Tech Scientific Award, Professor Berglundh received SEK 100,000.

2012 års Astra Tech Scientific Award går till professor Tord Berglundh

Det var under Astra Techs nyligen avslutade världskongress i Göteborg som företaget delade ut sitt prestigefulla Astra Tech Scientific Award för att ”hedra betydande bidrag till forskningen inom orala implantat”. Vinnaren? En märkbart rörd professor Tord Berglundh.

Astra Tech presents new OsseoSpeed™ data from the global clinical research program

Mölndal, Sweden, May 11, 2012 – During the Astra Tech World Congress, held in Gothenburg, Sweden, May 9-12, Astra Tech presents new data from their global clinical research program, confirming yet again the benefits of the Astra Tech Implant SystemTM.

One million abutments - continued success for Atlantis™ patient-specific abutments

Mölndal, Sweden, May 11, 2012 – With sales currently growing faster than the premium CAD/CAM customized abutment segment, Atlantis™ production in the USA and in Sweden expand to meet the increased demand. During 2012, sales will reach a milestone – a total of one million Atlantis™ abutments sold.

En miljon distanser – fortsatt framgång för Atlantis™ patientspecifika distanser

Mölndal, 11 maj 2012 – Försäljningen av Atlantis™ patientspecifika distanser ökar snabbare än premiumsegmentet för CAD/CAM distanser, och för att möta efterfrågan expanderar Atlantis™ produktionen i både USA och Sverige. Under 2012 når försäljningen en milstolpe – totalt en miljon sålda Atlantis™ distanser.

Eine Million Atlantis™ Abutments– eine Erfolgsgeschichte

Mölndal, Schweden, 11. Mai 2012. – Die Nachfrage nach patientenindividuellen Atlantis™ Abutments ist in den letzten Jahren stark gewachsen, die Produktion in den USA und in Schweden wurde deutlich erhöht. 2012 wird die Marke von insgesamt einer Million bestellter und produzierter Atlantis™ Abutments erreicht werden - ein Meilenstein.

Astra Tech presenterar nya OsseoSpeed™-resultat från det globala kliniska forskningsprogrammet på världskongressen.

Mölndal, 11 maj 2012 – Under Astra Techs världskongress i Göteborg den 9–12 maj presenterar företaget nya resultat från sitt globala kliniska forskningsprogram, och än en gång bekräftas fördelarna med Astra Techs Implant System™.

Klinische Studien zu OsseoSpeed™ mit neuen Ergebnissen

Mölndal, Schweden, 11. Mai 2012. Im Rahmen des Astra Tech Weltkongresses, der vom 9. bis 12. Mai im schwedischen Göteborg stattfindet, wird Astra Tech neue Daten aus seinem klinischen Forschungsprogramm präsentieren, mit denen die Vorteile des Astra Tech Implantat-System™ bestätigt werden.

Nedräkningen har börjat: Två dagar kvar till Astra Techs världskongress i Göteborg

Nu är det dags. Om två dagar öppnas portarna till Astra Techs största världskongress någonsin – tillika årets främsta företagsevent i Göteborg med 3000 medverkande från 50 länder.