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ReactEurope conference summary!

Blog posts   •   Jul 10, 2015 13:44 GMT

The gang (Emil, Jocke and Woll) visited ReactEurope in Paris on July 2-3, this is a post with thoughts around the conference and rants of how hot it was.

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Mynewsdesk robotwars

Blog posts   •   Jun 18, 2015 07:54 GMT

Mynewsdesk development team tried out Robotwars, where you program robots to fight against each other.

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Moving to Heroku

Blog posts   •   Dec 05, 2014 08:22 GMT

About Mynewsdesk's Epic Journey to Heroku

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Ember Workshop

Blog posts   •   Oct 16, 2014 19:23 GMT

Nico and Jonas held our second workshop for getting started with Ember. The team played around of how to create a simple blog.

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Fronteers 2014 - The Day That Never Ended

Blog posts   •   Oct 15, 2014 07:49 GMT

The last chapter in our adventure. Thanks to Fronteers & Burger Bar for making this trip awesome!

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Maker Space

Blog posts   •   Oct 12, 2014 12:00 GMT

Mynewsdesk moves into the era of Internet of Things by starting a Maker Space

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Fronteers 2014 - Day 1

Blog posts   •   Oct 10, 2014 08:23 GMT

Our epic adventure continues as we fight through crowds of developers, wade through coffee rivers, eat cookies (a lot of cookies) and learn new front-end survival skills.

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Fronteers 2014 - The Arrival

Blog posts   •   Oct 09, 2014 07:34 GMT

After the plane landed, we took the train from Schiphol airport station, riding it like a wild bull, and got off at this once so important harbor city, the center for all sea based trading coming in and out of Europe. We started our journey with a pitstop at the closest Vlaamse frites place we could find.

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A simple httpS server for development

Blog posts   •   Sep 24, 2014 09:11 GMT

Last day, I had to serve some html pages via HTTPS. But didn't really know any simple solution to do this.

Here is one. A simple wrapper of the python SimpleHTTPServer with support for SSL.

Before running the server, you'll need to create your certificate :

<code>openssl req -new -x509 -keyout server.pem -out server.pem -days 365 -nodes</code>

Now that you have your certificate, create a file srv.py :


Add this file to your path, or simply call it from wherever you want like that :


This will serve the file in your current directory on https://localhost:4443

If you need a non httpS version to simply serve som static file, you can use the standard python simpleHTTPServer like this :

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Last day, I had to serve some html pages via HTTPS. But didn't really know any simple solution to do this. Here is one. A simple wrapper of the python SimpleHTTPServer with support for SSL.

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Social Media Parser gem

Blog posts   •   Sep 10, 2014 08:28 GMT

The new Network feature on Mynewsdesk will introduce a lot of new ways you can manage a contact. For instance, adding social media profiles and links to each contact.

To keep the user input as easy as possible, we wanted people to basically just paste urls and then it would be parsed into social media profile objects it possible (we use some of them to fetch content from their API). Pasting links works well for social media profiles that aren't username heavy, like Facebook, but not for Twitter or Instagram, which is very username heavy, so the logical way to add a new profile for them would be to add a provider and username only.

We built this logic about a month prior to today, but needed it for two apps in our infrastructure, so we've been converting it and extending it to a gem, which we've published to rubygems today.

Here's how it works.

parser = SocialMediaParser.parse "https://www.facebook.com/teamcoco"
=> #<SocialMediaParser::SocialMedia::Facebook:0x007fe014ef0f78 @url="https://www.facebook.com/teamcoco"&gt;

=> "teamcoco"

=> "facebook"

=> "https://www.facebook.com/teamcoco"

If you instead want to construct a profile using provider and username options, you can use this

parser = SocialMediaParser.parse provider: "twitter", username: "fallontonight"
=> #<SocialMediaParser::SocialMedia::Twitter:0x007fe40ab08330 @provider="twitter", @username="fallontonight">

=> "https://www.twitter.com/fallontonight"

When there's not enough input provided for SocialMediaParser to extract a valid profile, it will just return a Link object

parser = SocialMediaParser.parse url: "http://www.mynewsdesk.com"
=> #<SocialMediaParser::Link:0x007fe40ab9b770 @url="http://www.mynewsdesk.com"&gt;

=> "http://www.mynewsdesk.com"

=> nil

That's it, really. We hope to find this useful to someone!

Parse social media attributes from url or construct url from attributes

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