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Henan Bailing Tries to Decrease its Rotary Dryer Price

Blogindlæg   •   Feb 18, 2011 10:04 CET


We have made efforts on the follows parts:

1. We raise the rotary dryer charging barrel position without affecting the feeding which refers to the dryer blocking ring for the barrel top, and the part stretching into the barrel should be of certain length, the material dropping point should be within 2000mm away from the blocking ring to avoid being burnt by the over high temperature of material. With the charging pipe being elevated, the high temperature gas is free to circulate as well as the pipe won’t be burnt, the material falls naturally and forms curtain and direct contact with the high temperature gas, the heating exchange rate is improved and the rotary dryer price is decreased.

2. Get rid of the auger delivery blade on the drum dryer feeding end and replace it by the triangle rib plate and form a cone-shape feeder. Thus the flow speed of the material in the high temperature zone is slowed down, and the material can absorb heat fully.

3. Innovate the rotary dryer L-shape lifting plate on the 1/3 of the barrel. Generally the L-shape lifting plate of the rotary dryer is fixed horizontally with the circle being welded by angle of 30 deg, 90 deg, and 120 deg.

After the above transformations, the rotary dryer has a bright, new look. The key point is the innovated rotary dryer has improved greatly in output machine hour and rotary dryer price. Our rotary dryer advantages are more and more obvious. Bailing rotary drum dryer becomes much more competitive in international markets.

As the development of the drying technology, the drying equipment refuses to admit being inferior. It changes a lot on rotary dryer technology and function and brings some social and economical benefits obviously. Recently Bailing is trying to lower the rotary dryer price and maximize the economic benefits of customer.

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