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In the media: 100 Percent Renewable Energy is 100 Percent Possible

Blog post   •   Apr 26, 2013 02:44 CEST

PV Solar Report Contributor Rosana Francescato has written this article reporting on the "Pathways to 100 % Renewable Energy" Conference in San Francisco on April 16th, when the Crowdfunding Campaign of Energy Democracy TV was launched.
On Energy Democracy TV, she writes:

"Whatever the angle, it’s crucial to get the message out that renewables make sense. According to Kirsten Hasberg, that will be facilitated by the democratizer of communication, the digital revolution. She’s founded a new media outlet where she invites us all to participate in harnessing the power of that revolution, Energy Democracy TV. Another way to get involved and learn more is to join Go 100% Renewable Energy, a campaign just launched by a coalition of leading NGOs -- including the Renewables 100 Policy Institute, which organized the conference."

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