The best options of the commercial real estate in NYC

Blog post   •   May 17, 2019 12:01 CEST

New York is a city that never sleeps; known as the capital of the world. Located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, it is the largest metropolis in the United States with a population of over 8 million people. This is the most significant financial and political center not only of the USA but also in the whole world. This city launches trends and determines the general direction for the future. An enormous number of people from different countries come here to fulfill their dream, to achieve more or to find their inspiration. Considering the demand, commercial property offers in New York offers are countless, and you will find here everything you need.

Powerful economy

New York is the main business center of the world. The most important stock markets in the world are situated here, one of which is the New York Stock Exchange at Wall Street, and the NASDAQ exchange, where young enterprises prefer to trade. Half of Fortune 500 companies have their head or representative offices in New York, among them JPMorganChase, American International Group, Pfizer, Morgan Stanley, and many others. New York shows high rates in almost all parameters, but it is particularly distinguished by the level of the city’s GDP and living standard. Millions of people choosing this metropolis for life and business only confirm its status.

The city of opportunities

Ambitious, talented people of all professions come to New York from all over the world. This is why it is so diverse and one of the global leaders of innovations. It offers an excellent platform for business and self-development, and you can’t be closer to a global business market than when you are in New York. Being surrounded by giant corporations, as well as small but powerful companies gives you countless opportunities and a chance to learn from the best. Commercial properties for rent here are in high demand, though the prices are also sky-high sometimes.

Business districts

A prime location for business is, of course, Lower Manhattan. This district has everything you can think of, as well as well-developed transport infrastructure represented by busses, trams, metro and bicycle routes for fast movement within the city. Downtown Brooklyn is an established business area with cultural traditions, countless commercial spaces for rent and more affordable prices. Long Island City also has many business centers to impress you with A-class offices for every taste. You may also consider such districts as Harlem and Hudson Yards. Times Square is the most famous street in NY and probably in the whole world. Though the prices for office rent at Times Square may be very high, you will get the most extensive opportunities. We have comprehensive commercial listings in NYC on our websites updated daily. Have a look now and enjoy our free and non-committal service!