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"Many factors contribute to the problem of childhood obesity," explained Dr. Takashi Wada, County Health Officer and Director of Public Health. "Diets high in starches, fat, and sugar, insufficient physical activity, not being able to afford healthier, but more expensive, foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, and the convenience of fast food, are some of the leading factors.".

Brandy Jackson, Illustrious Potentate of the Zorah Shrine, said the event was a great opportunity to mix music and a good cause. A sunny afternoon in the spacious park listening to music is always fun, especially when it raises money for sick children. Shriners Hospitals for Children provide care to those in need regardless their financial ability, and locally members shuttle patients to and from hospitals in Chicago, St.

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I talked to a friend of mine who works for a game developer out in California. He said one of the reasons why there isn many games that support these keyboards, is Logitech really doesn want to develope the drivers or means for the games to use the keyboard. They leave it up to the game developer to make their games support them.

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