Why rent office space in Mumbai

Blog post   •   Apr 26, 2019 11:17 CEST

Mumbai is an Indian city with more than 18 million inhabitants. In addition, Mumbai takes the second place as the most productive Indian region. It is a prominent commercial, fashion and entertainment hub of India. According to GDP rate, Mumbai takes the 37th place globally. Besides, it was ranked as the fastest Indian hub for start-up establishment. The city homes numerous national financial businesses, several domestic private enterprises and global companies. Diverse industries gain prominently to the city’s input such as film production, tourism, manufacturing, and textiles, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Moreover, Mumbai boasts on housing the most of India’s high-rises.

Investment initiatives

City’s authority has launched a Development Plan for accomplishment till 2024. The plan aims to construct about 1 million affordable resident accommodations, new commercial areas and over 8 million jobs in the city. Furthermore, the government will pay core attention to raise financial output, solving pollution problems, increase the territories greening. Besides, investment costs will lead to build new shelters for the homeless, modernize ancient city complexes and museums, reconstruct park areas and playgrounds.

Office lease in business districts of Mumbai

The earliest business center of Mumbai was Ballard Estate, serving the companies in the 18th - 19th century. Due to the high temps of industrial development, there has emerged a new central business area - Nariman Point. It was established in the 1970s to meet the needs of small enterprises and businesses. Nowadays Nariman Point is a prominent commercial and financial hub of Mumbai. Apart from this, it is known as the Indian “Manhattan” due to the large companies headquartered in the district.

As a result, the area is a prestigious property provider with the high prices for office lease. Nariman Point provides office space of about 6 million square feet. Among the major tenants are leading financial enterprises and governmental institutions. In addition, office space is leased by the manufacturing businesses, pharmaceutical enterprises, investment associations, shipping and transport companies, etc. The district is properly connected with the main lines of expressways for access to Central and Western regions. Besides, international and local airdromes can be reached in 1 hour. Nariman Point is also located close to accommodation and shopping amenities, entertainment spots. Office buildings include serviced offices, parking areas, meeting rooms, cleaning and reception services, dining facilities, high-speed internet.

Bandra Kurla

The newly developed business district of the city is Bandra Kurla Complex. It provides well-designed office buildings. More than 400 000 employers are working in the office buildings in this area. In addition, the district attracts numerous global and international companies. Among the leading tenants are Amazon, Citigroup, Ferrari, Google, IBM, National Stock Exchange, the United States Mumbai Consulate, and numerous banking institutions, industrial enterprises, international educational establishments. Furthermore, the district houses seven from the 29 buildings of Mumbai with certificates in Energy and Environmental Design. These buildings are highly rated in energy and water efficiency and have a better quality of indoor environment. To add more, there are such amenities as parking, gymnasiums and dining areas.

Transport modes of Mumbai

Mumbai is properly connected by the transport amenities such as subway and railway networks, bus and taxi services and rickshaws. Besides, the city is linked with the islands nearby by the ferry services. In addition, Mumbai is served by the Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airport.