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CLEVER has put up four new fast charging stations in Germany

Pressemeddelelse   •   Feb 18, 2016 09:27 CET

Scandinavia’s leading Electric Mobility Operator CLEVER has put up four new fast charging stations in the Northern part of Germany. The fast charging stations charges EVs with 50 kW CCS, CHAdeMO, and 43 kW on Type 2-connection. The four fast charging stations are located on Fehmarn, in Reinfeld, in Quickborn, and in Osterröndfeld, and they are conveniently located near two supermarkets, a service station, and a boarder shop.

CLEVER is the leading Electric Mobility Operator in Scandinavia operating fast charging networks in both Denmark and Sweden.

- 82% of our customers wishes to travel far and cross the borders to our neighboring countries in their EVs. That demands charging on the go, which means that you need to be able to rely on being able to access fast charging stations, when you’re travelling in your EV. And that is exactly what we are offering – fast charging possibilities that facilitates all modern EVs on the market, says Casper Kirketerp-Møller, CEO, CLEVER.

Free electricity on CLEVER’s Fast charging stations in Germany
The German EV drivers will be able to fast charge for free on CLEVER’s German fast charging stations until April 2016. CLEVER has chosen to welcome the EV driver’s to their new German fast charging stations by providing them with free electricity to a start.

CLEVER makes it easy
It is an important part of CLEVER’s strategy to place their fast charging stations at locations that are convenient for the EV users so they are able to run their errands while the car is charging. CLEVER’s new fast charging stations in Germany are located near two Famila supermarkets, a Team-tankstelle service station and a Fleggaard boarder shop close to Puttgarden which makes it easy for the EV drivers to take a shortcut between Denmark and Germany by giving them easy access to the Ferry between Rødby and Puttgarden.

Supported by the European Union
The upgrade of CLEVER’s charging network is co-funded by the EU with support from TEN-T, who supports the roll out of an European infrastructure of charging locations for EVs to promote sustainable mobility. It is a largescale European project to create an EV corridor of fast charging stations throughout Europe.

The addresses of the new fast charging stations in Germany are:

  • 1)Fleggaard Burg, Mummendorfer Weg 7, 23769 Fehmarn
  • 2)Barnitzer Str. 1-7, 23858 Reinfeld (Famila supermarket)
  • 3)Pascal Str. 9, 25451 Quickborn (Famila supermarket)
  • 4)Kieler Str. 21b, 24783 Osterrönfeld (Team-tankstelle)

CLEVER provides a free app where you can see the status of the new fast charging locations in Germany.


CLEVER is a Danish company and the leading electric mobility operator in Scandinavia. We facilitate charging of all EVs on the market by installation of EV chargers at home and at the work place.

CLEVER has a nationwide fast charging network with more than 500 charging points in Denmark ( 22kW, 43 kW, and 50 kW (both Type 2, CCS, and CHAdeMO standard) which is compatible with all modern EVs on the market, and CLEVER is in the process of creating a similar charging network in Sweden.

Download our app: - and find your way to all of our fast charging locations.