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Unlimited power and freedom for the EV drivers in Denmark

Pressemeddelelse   •   Maj 30, 2016 07:55 CEST

Streaming power for electric vehicles

The leading Electric Mobility Operator in Scandinavia, CLEVER, and BMW in Denmark has entered into a partnership, and are launching a brand new concept that includes everything drivers of electric vehicles needs at a fixed monthly fee. CLEVER Unlimited is the EV version of a streaming service with unlimited access to charging on Scandinavia’s largest network of fast charging stations as well as unlimited charging on the EV owner’s personal charging station at home.

The product knows no limits
No matter how many kilometers you drive, you have a fixed expense for propellant. This is the new reality for the CLEVER Unlimited customers. They are going to have ultimate freedom and financial security. At a fixed monthly fee CLEVER Unlimited provides access to unlimited charging on CLEVER’s network, which consists of more than 750 charging points in Denmark, Sweden and Germany as well as unlimited charging on the EV driver’s personal charging station at home, which is included and installed by CLEVER. You get CLEVER Unlimited when you buy a new EV or plug-in hybrid from BMW in Denmark.

“The EV technology is developing fast, and we are seeing many new EVs with many new possibilities these years. This demands development of new charging services. And that is exactly what we are introducing now. Just like streaming services, we are going to provide electric power unlimited for EVs. One price, unlimited charging on all platforms. At home, and on the go - and it doesn’t matter which charging station you are using. We believe that the transition of the transport sector to electricity is going to pick up speed very fast in Europe over the next couple of years. And this is the future. We are reducing the complexity for the drivers with CLEVER Unlimited, and to begin with we are introducing CLEVER Unlimited in Denmark in collaboration with BMW”, says Casper Kirketerp-Møller, CEO at CLEVER.

Making it easy, safe and transparent
When you buy a new EV from BMW and get CLEVER Unlimited everything is handled by CLEVER, and the new EV owner will get a complete overview of the charging costs. At 599 DKK a month CLEVER takes care of delivering, fitting and installing the charging station at home, and the EV owner will have full access to CLEVER’s charging network that has more than 750 charging points in Denmark, Sweden and Germany – when you boy a BMW i3 or BMW i3 REX. People who buy a plug-in hybrid car will be able to get CLEVER Unlimited at 299 DKK a month. If you solely wish to use CLEVER’s charging network (e.g. if you’re living in an apartment) the price is 399 DKK a month if you’re driving an EV, and 199 DKK if you’re driving a plug-in hybrid car.

The EV drivers will no longer have to worry about installation, electric control panel, or weather they charge mostly at home or at the public charging stations. CLEVER Unlimited is all inclusive, unlimited freedom and unlimited kilometers for the EV drivers – even across borders where there is a CLEVER charging station.

”With unlimited use of electricity for the EV at a fixed monthly fee we are providing the EV drivers with a new kind of freedom. Unlimited is a brand new and attractive mind set about mobility, where everything is included at a fixed monthly fee. There is not much to worry about – just drive!”, states Casper Kirketerp-Møller.

”At BMW we are experiencing a rising demand for plug-in hybrid cars and EVs. Charging and finances is often one of the major concerns for the customers. Now there’s finally a charging service which is completely simple and easy to understand. In the future BMW are going to launch even more plug-in hybrid cars and EVs, and we are looking very much forward to being able to offer our customers the new Unlimited-package”, says Jan Askholm, CEO at BMW Denmark.

The market is constantly developing
CLEVER is the biggest electric mobility operator in Scandinavia, and they are constantly searching for new opportunities for development and partnerships. The gradual introduction of taxes of EVs in Denmark is a serious challenge, but CLEVER still has faith that the EV market is going to develop and grow, and there are many exciting plans for the EVs and their future all over Europe. It hasn’t been more than a couple of months since CLEVER revealed ambitious plans for the future, that included a significant expansion of their charging network as well as installation of 150 kW fast chargers, which are going to triple the charging speed we have today.

CLEVER is an electric mobility operator with charging network for electric vehicles in Denmark, Sweden, and Northern Germany. We facilitate charging of all electric vehicles on the market by charging stations at home and at the work place.

CLEVER has an extensive fast charging network with more than 750 charging points in Denmark, Sweden, and Northern Germany which is compatible with all electric vehicles on the market.

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