Sune Blindkilde Thorsen

CEO & Co-founder

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  • epouqssbt@nordgiicoybbgameouhdbiohyacbtsgkkfxn.cxlom
  • 004530579593

My role is to constantly come up with new ideas and find ways to develop and improve NordicGameBits on a day-to-day basis, interview awesome personalities, and write interesting articles. It is a great adventure, which involves working with some of the best and most inspiring people in the Nordic.

I do not believe that Nordic game developers get enough primetime in international media at the moment, and I most definitely believe that they could use a media to internally communicate with each other through.

That is why I am thrilled to have the opportunity to bring NordicGameBits onwards and forward. To ensure improved communication amongst Nordic game developers, to inspire new developers, and to help spread the word about a group of the best game developers in the world – the Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Finns!