Copenhagen Distortion

Distortion 2012


Wednesday City Street Parties ^ around Højbro Plads, Gammeltorv, Nytorv Night Parties ^ TBA Thursday Nørrebro Street Parties ^ around Den Røde Plads Night Parties ^ TBA Friday Vesterbro Street Parties ^ around Sdr. Boulevard, Enghave Station Night Parties ^ TBA Saturday Final Party ^ TBA
Copenhagen Distortion - Celebrating Street Life and Modern Party Culture - is the craziest annual party cavalcade in Old Europe, with 166+ dancefloors in 166+ different locations and 166+ different hosts. The Distortion fest includes massive Block Party celebrations - in the streets, for free, in the afternoon - and Club Clash events, late at night, in local bars, nightclubs and spectacular Copenhagen locations. Artists: LA Vampires (US, 100% Silk) Ital (US, 100% Silk) Maria Minerva (EST, 100% Silk) Magic Touch (US, 100% Silk) Nguzunguzu (US) Michael Mayer (DE, KOMPAKT) Tobias Tomas (DE, KOMPAKT) Tomas Barfod (KOMPAKT) Soup Kitchen Dinky (DE) Matthew Styles (DE)

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