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Accident on board Submarine

Pressemeddelelse   •   Aug 21, 2017 11:34 CEST

Today on the basis of a request from the prosecutor’s office and the defendant’s defence attorney, the City Court of Copenhagen has partially lifted the ”closed doors”. Therefore, we are now able to make the following statement:

  • ”The defendant has explained to the police and the Court, that there was an accident on board which caused Kim Wall’s death and that he consequently buried her at sea at a non-defined location in the Bay of Køge. Copenhagen Police may additionally disclose that the preliminary charge of manslaughter is upheld. As the investigation of the case is still covered by ”closed doors”, no further information can be given.”

Both the Swedish as well as the Danish maritime authorities have drawn up a specific track of the submarine’s sailing route in the Bay of Køge and Øresund. The route is solely in Danish waters in southern Øresund as well as the northern and western parts of the Bay of Køge.

On Friday, the Danish maritime authorities made specific dives along this route, which will continue today where the maritime effort also comprises a vessel with sonar equipment and divers.

Over the weekend, Swedish police and additional authorities have searched from helicopters and vessels. They will continue Monday.

Should further relevant information appear during the day, we will send out a press release. Currently, Copenhagen Police has no further information.

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