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Search Continues in Submarine Case

Pressemeddelelse   •   Aug 14, 2017 14:28 CEST

Technical investigations of the submarine have almost been completed and are expected to be completed today Monday the 14th of August. The investigations have been conducted in close co-operation with submarine experts from the Danish Defence as well as with technical assistance from relevant personnel in connection with the dismantling and investigating the submarine’s technical equipment.

The investigations confirm that the sinking of the submarine was allegedly a consequence of a deliberate act.
A substantial amount of electronics from the vessel was secured and sent to further examination in order to enable a reconstruction of the submarine’s navigation route and a timeline for the sailing.

The results of these investigations are expected to take some time.

The search for missing Kim Wall continues today as an air operation using airplanes from the Home Guard. Furthermore, Copenhagen Police have initiated dialogue with Swedish Police regarding support for a search of Swedish waters. This initiative is based solely on the background on information regarding currents in Øresund and the Bay of Køge since Thursday evening when the submarine sailed from Copenhagen.

On Sunday via a Swedish newspaper, Copenhagen Police were contacted by a witness who almost collided with the submarine Nautilus Thursday evening on the 10th of August in connection with his work on a large vessel. At that point, the submarine crossed the channel in Øresund from Denmark towards Sweden in the Southern part of Øresund.

As a part of the investigation, Police are gathering information on vessels that have sailed through Øresund and the Bay of Køge on the day in mention, but would like to request relevant vessels themselves to look into who was in command of the vessel and whether they have information on the location of the submarine at specific times. Observations from 9:30 pm up until midnight are of particular interest since at that point in time, Nautilus was presumably located in the southern part of Øresund as well as from midnight on Friday the 11th of August until Friday at 10:30 am where Nautilus was observed near Drogden lighthouse.

The investigation has also shown that Peter Madsen, who is currently held in custody, has on several occasions taken interested people sailing in the submarine. The Police would like to speak to anyone who has been sailing in the submarine with Peter Madsen in order to determine where these trips would normally go and how they took place.

The Police may be contacted by dialling 114.

Should new relevant information come up in the case, it will be published on Twitter or in a press release. Neither individual interviews nor other information will be given regarding the case.

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