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Search Continues Today by Plane

Pressemeddelelse   •   Aug 15, 2017 13:53 CEST

Yesterday, Copenhagen Police concluded the technical investigations as well as an actual search of the submarine. With regard to the continued investigation, we are currently unable to provide information about what was discovered at the examination and search.

We are currently being assisted by Swedish police who is calling for any witnesses from the Swedish side of Øresund and the Bay of Køge area regarding whether they have seen the submarine. This information is gathered in Sweden and handed over to Copenhagen Police continuously.

So far, nearly 300 people have contacted Copenhagen Police regarding the case – a lot of them within the past 24 hours. Many people have sent photos and video clips of the submarine in connection with it sailing out into Øresund Thursday evening. We would still like to ask the public for help in order to determine the whereabouts of the submarine and receive knowledge of the dives it conducted.

Currently, we know that the submarine sailed out Thursday the 10th of August at approximately 7:00 pm, and that it was sailing in the area around Middelgrund for the next hour or so. The latest photo we have received from witnesses was taken at approximately 8:30 pm.

Then we know that it was close to a merchant ship around midnight between Thursday and Friday in the same area, and finally we know that the submarine was not seen until Friday the 11th of August at approximately 10:30 am in the Bay of Køge.

Therefore, we would still like to speak to possible witnesses who have information on the submarine’s sailing and dives in the time from 8:30 pm until midnight and again from midnight until Friday at 10:30 am.

We will continue to report on the case, which is still covered by closed doors. However, currently we have no further information and will not be giving interviews. Follow us on Twitter.

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