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Nespresso launches its richest and most intense coffee experiences

Pressemeddelelse   •   Sep 13, 2013 14:00 CEST

By breaking coffee paradigms Nespresso coffee experts demonstrate the unique human expertise and mastery which are behind the creation of the archetypal Kazaar and Dharkan. In embracing innovation Nespresso coffee experts have been able to push the limits of the Nespresso intensity scale (scale of one to ten) with the exotic and unexpected Kazaar and Dharkan. These two distinctive and intense coffee experiences, take Nespresso connoisseurs and coffee lovers into a new place of heightened sensory experiences.

Kazaar is an authentic and powerful Grand Cru with a raw intensity of 12. It was first released to acclaim from Nespresso Club Members and coffee connoisseurs in 2010 as a Limited Edition Grand Cru, then revived again in 2012 on a limited basis. Extremely popular with Nespresso Club Members and coffee connoisseurs, Kazaar will now become part of the permanent Grand Cru selection and will be joined by Dharkan, a sophisticated and elegant addition to the intense coffee range. The Dharkan Grand Cru is both seductive and complex with a subtle intensity. It also breaks the existing Nespresso scale with an intensity of 11.

Kazaar is derived from a ground-breaking blend where much of its intensity comes from using two Robustas from Guatemala and Brazil. Its unusual origins, blending method together with its strength has created a one-of-a-kind taste experience. To reach Kazaar’s rich intensity, Nespresso coffee experts include a high quality ‘Conillon’ Robusta from Brazil, never before used in a Grand Cru, and in this case treated like an Arabica variety. To avoid potential bitter notes a different and smooth drying approach is employed as well as a split roasting technology in order not to ‘stress’ and burn beans.  Robusta is also added to the blend, lending a smooth texture, while the coffee’s roundness and sweetness derive from the first-class Arabica sourced from the Cerrado region in Brazil.  Completing the innovative process, a new grinding method retains the blend’s strength while allowing the beans to release their innate properties but avoid the unpleasant bitterness which is often found in other strong coffees. To reveal its full bitter-sweet aroma Kazaar is best served as a ristretto (25ml) but can be equally enjoyed as an espresso (40ml), for a smoother coffee. 

Dharkan is more velvety, whose notes are derived from long roasting at low temperature. The technique of long roasting at low temperatures unveils the powerful, seductive character of the Dharkan blend of washed Arabicas from Latin America and Asia. Its sensual personality reveals heightened roasted notes together with hints of bitter cocoa powder and toasted cereals that express themselves in a silky and smooth texture. In cup it creates a subtle balance and a pleasant bitterness that lingers in the mouth.

In unveiling its two Grands Crus Kazaar and Dharkan, its most intense coffees yet, Nespresso proves once again its capability to create unique, incomparable experiences for its Club Members and coffee connoisseurs worldwide. Kazaar and Dharkan significantly bolster the Nespresso intense range of coffees, taking this range of Grands Crus from numbering three to five. Kazaar and Dharkan join Ristretto (intensity 10), Arpeggio (intensity 9) and Roma (intensity 8).

These two new members of the Nespresso Intense range illustrate that the perfectly executed mastery of Nespresso coffee experts can allow convention to be broken in the quest for extraordinary coffee experiences.

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