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A talk about design, sweat and tears

Nyhed   •   Feb 25, 2011 13:01 CET

We are happy to welcome Jonathan Spencer, Creative Director of Virtual Reality Strategy at BBC News to our Festival in May!

The BBC wanted to rethink the traditional iconography of election coverage and produce a design solution for the 2010 General Election that was both contemporary and instantly recognisable as BBC News. The quality and impartiality of the journalism needed to be reflected by an arresting brand that cut through the complexity of politics and presented relevant information to the audience in a clear and engaging format.

The range and ambition of the 2010 television results programme was epic and unprecedented, including secret plans to project onto the House of Commons, a full size parliament and the creation of biggest ever swing-o-meter. However the BBC’s graphic designers had been preparing for some time: piloting new technologies and testing their ideas ‘live and on air’ in the preceding election’s.

Explore the background and history that led to the design, creation and delivery of the BBC’s 2010 UK Election Night programme: with examples from earlier elections, failed experiments and advice on how pubic service broadcasting can get a ‘wow’ factor.

Jonathan Spencer, Creative Director,
Virtual Reality Strategy, BBC News