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Atlas Copco LP6500 Duplex Roller combines power with operator comfort

Nyhed   •   Dec 30, 2013 09:34 CET

The high level of operator comfort offered by the LP6500 Duplex Roller is a direct result of Atlas Copco’s continuous focus on ergonomic design. Recently, in a test* performed by the independent technical inspection organization TÜV Nord, the LP6500 was compared with two similar duplex roller models from other manufacturers. The test provided confirmation that the LP6500 has lower vibrations in the handle and lower machine noise than the other machines tested.

Test results conclusive In the vibration test the LP6500 showed a hand-arm vibration level of only 4.14 m/s2 in the top handle, while one competing roller was measured at 7.01 m/s2 in the direction handle. Thus the hand-arm vibration level in the handle of the LP6500 is 2.87 m/s2 lower, which means considerably less strain on the operator during a working day. In the noise emission test, the LP6500 showed a sound pressure level of only 87.9 dB(A), which is more than 4 dB(A) lower than one
of the competing machines, and 7 dB(A) lower than the other.

Good maneuverability, maximum uptime
Ease of handling is also an important factor for compaction equipment in this weight class. The upright handle on the LP6500 reduces vibration and has a throttle lever that allows stepless speed control for good maneuverability. Hydraulic transmission eliminates the need for chains or gears and enables a compact design with smooth sides, high curb clearance and no overhang. This makes handling close to obstacles or edges easy.

The fully hydraulic LP6500 is equipped with a controlled cooling fan to help reduce the risk of unplanned stops. This can contribute to longer operation times, longer service intervals and prolonged machine lifetime.

Powerful engine cuts compaction times

The engine of the LP6500 has a power output of 6.8 kW and centrifugal force as high as 21 kN. The machine's power and speed gives high compaction efficiency and cuts the time required to perform each task. To simplify maintenance, there is an hour meter and an oil alert as standard. A
rigid protection frame, with a single lifting point for easy transportation, lessens the risk of impact damage. The large corrosion-free water tank reduces the number of refill stops and serves as protection for the cooling fan.

Effective on virtually any surface
The LP6500 provides high compaction efficiency on thin granular soil layers, such as sand and gravel. When compacting silt, the compaction effect depends largely on water content and the LP6500 is most effective on thin layers. On asphalt the end results are excellent and the LP6500 is well suited for smaller jobs in areas such as pavement construction or repair, narrow roads, playgrounds or parking lots.

* Atlas Copco Construction Tools AB in Kalmar, Sweden, initiated and performed the
comparative test under the supervision of TÜV Nord. All steps of the process, from preparation to tests and measurements were conducted in accordance with TÜV Nord requests. For further information please see the TÜV Nord Test reports and its appendix. Feel free to
download the TÜV testresults after simple request at


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