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It swept away decades of legal tradition which aimed to shield the main one personone vote principle of equality, not just within the voting booth, but also inside use of money to influence an election.seriously its impossible to say this in a previous manner but the goddamn palladins, they deal out massive dmg and on a whim they can not only make themselves tempararoly INVINCEABLE but can restore most of their life each time now to any individuals alliance out there, have you even been neck and neck they could fight with a shaman to easily have him put the modern bubble around himself and doesn restore his full ammount of health be equipped for back and kick the out of your you, didnt think so. Blizzard loves their little ing pallys, ive only been playing a year and with every repair i see paladins do nothing but get stronger while they are nerf other races. So in order to stop the massive ganking on pvp servers they didnt dumb down an extremely overpowered class, no theyll just make an extremly overpowered class available to both sides, it just seems to defy alot of logic there.

Spinning Flax(m) For members who have at least ten crafting, this is a pretty good way to make money. Just buy as much flax as you can afford, and then go to the Lumbridge Castle and use the spinning wheel on the second floor. To bank, go up the stairs to the third floor and use the bank up there.
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