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Nyhed   •   Aug 10, 2015 07:36 CEST

LAS VEGAS, August 10 - In November 2014 the EPI-USE group of companies unveiled a new group identity, called groupelephant.com. This change was predicated upon a new strategic imperative for the group to go "Beyond Corporate Purpose". Instead of donating money to charities, the group launched a professional, institutionalized delivery capability in the area of not-for-profit activity and impact investment called "Elephants, Rhinos & People (ERP)". The ERP focus areas are the preservation of at-risk Elephants and Rhinos, and alleviating poverty among rural People in areas adjacent to the threatened species.

As part of SuccessFactors' Corporate Social Responsibility program, SuccessFactors invited Jonathan Tager, CEO of groupelephant.com, to the SuccessConnect 2015 events in Las Vegas, Singapore, Sydney and Rome to present the ERP program to speak as part of the keynote address. Simultaneously SuccessFactors launched a Twitter campaign, pledging to give $1 for every tweet containing both the hashtags #erp and #sconnect15, throughout 2015.

At the Las Vegas keynote session, Mr. Tager highlighted the credible risk of extinction facing both elephants and rhinos, mostly due to poaching. He asserted that poaching is largely driven by poverty and highlighted some of the ERP projects the group initiated to conserve elephant and rhinos and alleviate poverty. He announced that 100% of all external donations will flow through directly to the ERP projects, as groupelephant.com covers any associated overheads by donating 1% of it global revenue in support of the ERP projects.

"We're eternally grateful to our friends and business partners at SAP and SuccessFactors for the opportunity, overwhelming support and generosity in support of the ERP projects", said Jan van Rensburg from groupelephant.com.

The SuccesConnect 2015 session from Las Vegas is available online: