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Popular solution from System TM optimizes different companies all over Europe

News   •   Sep 08, 2014 11:47 CEST

Integration with existing machinery gave PBM Silverwood an optimized production solution 

The French company PBM Silverwood also found that solution combination interesting, when they were looking a way to optimize their production facilities. PBM Silverwood is both the leading manufacturer of internal and external cladding, but is also the leading French importer of Northern timber. Their product is largely dependent upon the quality of the raw material and PBM Silverwood is therefore very quality-consious, which also reflected in their equipment demands. System TM and PBM Silverwood has had a great ongoing relationship and co-operation with previous projects, so when they were going to optimize their production logistics and integrate existing machinery, it was only natural to them to think of System TM as their supplier.

The main focus for the production facilities at PBM Silverwood was to optimize their production facilities to increase the capacity in order to provide their customers with the best products. The line therefore consist of an automatic infeed model Opti-Feed 6000 concept 3 that automatically separates the layers onto the following cross chain conveyor. During the separation process, the stabilizing sticks in-between the layers will automatically fall down into a stick chute and the sticks will be transported to a collection area. After the layers of the workpieces have been separated through the automatic infeed system, the layers will be fed into an unscrambler. The unscrambler singulates the workpieces one by one and organizes them in the right order on a feeding chain conveyor.

Hereafter the workpieces are fed into a bandsaw. After splitting the workpieces in the bandsaw, they will be separated automatically and turned into the correct orientation and fed into a moulder. After the moulding process the workpieces are transported to a double end tenoner and will hereafter be transported to a bundling station. An operator can by a push button give a signal to automatically reject a workpiece if needed.

The rejected workpieces will be transported to a manual stacking area. The other workspieces will be bundled automatically in the required sizes with the right face up/down or mixed to protect the faces of the workpieces. The bundles will finally go through a number of strapping units or a plastic shrink machine to maintain the bundles in the right order and for protection before being stacked into big packs by the stacking machine model Opti-Stack 6000.

The line and the project management was a success for PBM Silverwood as Production Manager Richard Clouard states: “System TM always meets us with a professional project management with highly qualified employees capable of creating solutions for us. The combination of System TMs know-how and our demands have resulted in a solution, which optimizes our staff and wood resources above our expectations.”

The professional project management is a way to meet each customer at their needs and demands, so the customer ends up with the best solution. Buying similar solutions gives the customers a security of reliability and a possibility to hear experiences about the line that can be decisive for new customers.

Popular solution among other European companies
Solutions similar to PBM Silverwood are also very attractive for several companies in different industries and System TM has therefore delivered to companies in different parts of Europe. One of these companies are a major German company that cuts the raw timber in lengths, splits the pieces and plane the timber for cladding materials.

The German investment opened even more doors for System TM in Europe, because several subsidiary companies saw the potential in System TM and invested in a same solution. The companies all have the common denominator that they are leading companies producers of modern wood products and the investments must be the best to deliver a high quality as required. Another of these companies produces and distributes noble floors, wall and ceiling profiles, wooden strips, natural timber cladding, garden wood and natural colour. The company uses wood for both flooring, wood finish and inside as well as outside, so the wood must be carefully selected and fulfil strict qualifications before it is used in their production. Their products are distributed by more than 2500 specialist dealers in Germany and in numerous countries in Europe and all over the world.

The latest edition of this solution was sold to a Dutch subsidiary company after the solution has delivered great results in Germany. The Dutch company is producing edge glued solid wood panels for the furniture industry, DIY stores, cheese industry and timber yards & manufacturers.

These companies all chose System TM because the machines are reliable, the professional project management and will provide the companies with a sustainable investment that pays off in the production. Even though System TM is a smaller Danish company, it has proven that it can deliver sustainable and reliable handling solution that can compete on price and capacity or be even better than the bigger companies in the industry.