Time to Mingle

Nyhed   •   Okt 20, 2016 13:18 CEST

We love a good party at ferm LIVING, so we set the table and invite people to mingle

As the end of the year draws closer, we start planning large parties, inviting old and new friends by to find a good time and new inspiration.

We designed the new Mingle table on the simple concept of mingling: the mixing of colour and materials and new encounters. We wanted to seek adventurous ways while holding on to the silhouette of the classic table. The design of Mingle makes a large dinner table to make room for both your favourite and new people.

You decide the mix of your Mingle table. We have carefully selected six elegantly coloured tabletops, for you to choose your favourite. Combine the tabletop with a set of trestles. Pick colours that match or go for the contrasts to create engaging effects on your dining table or desk.

At ferm LIVING we don’t just want to make designs for your house, but for your home. Therefore, we have made room for your personality in the design of the Mingle table. Your personal taste and choices make the table more than just a table.

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